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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Products


PubDesk - Analytic and Report Dashboard for Publishers

Automation tool with a large number of SSPs, and Ad Networks integrated, PubDesk brings the efficiency and joy to media teams every day while maintaining and improving the monetization optimization

AdTran - Integrated Reporting and Operation Dashboard for Marketing Agency

Offer capable to render dynamic reports with data from many ads platforms. The staff of the agency can save a lot of time with an automatic reporting pipeline end-to-end at real-time level (from ads platform to clients/advertisers). AdTran also support internal operation process monitoring of agency (budget, KPI, buy&sell management)

RISE - Ad Unit Custom Styling Platform

RISE supports medias to control the style of ad unit on their pages by delivering custom styling script along with creative (image, interactive, video). In addition, RISE has been well integrated with GAM solution for both RTB and HeaderBidding scenario. It has been serving billion of impressions.

Upcoming Products

We heavily invest into R&D to develop pilot solutions which support both media and brand to optimize ads spending, ads earning, and better end user UX. Want those product to be value added to your services? Contact us for a talk!


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

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